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Traditional Wedding Expenses Covered by the Groom

 grooms wedding expenses photo credits April + Paul

A common question I get asked by parents of the groom is: “What are the traditional wedding expenses covered by the groom and their family?”

Although, a lot of couples getting married today are already established in their careers and are able to help pay for part (or sometimes all) of the wedding, or have help from both the bride and grooms family.  Some couples may have a grandparent donating to the wedding budget or other family member.  

what do grooms traditionally pay for

According to Emily Post, of the Emily Post Institute: “Up to 70 percent of weddings are paid for by the couple themselves, or by some combination which may include the couple, the bride’s parents, and the groom’s parents. If the costs are being shared, communication is the key to keeping harmony. Any discussion about money should be both dignified and candid.”

Traditional Wedding Expenses Covered by The Groom (and his family)

  1. Bride’s engagement and wedding ring
  2. Groom’s attire
  3. Marriage license
  4. Rehearsal dinner 
  5. Officiant’s fee or donation  (plus lodging expenses if from another town and invited to officiate by the groom’s family)
  6. The bride’s bouquet
  7. Groomsmen and ushers boutonnieres
  8. Corsages and/or nosegays for mothers and grandmothers
  9. Groom’s gift to the bride
  10. Gifts for the groomsmen and ushers
  11. Gift for the groom’s parents (optional, but usually done)
  12. Honeymoon expenses
  13. Transportation from the reception to the honeymoon
  14. Accommodations for the groom’s out-of-town attendants (optional)

what do grooms pay for traditionally


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What are the Grooms Flower Expenses?

Grooms Flower Expenses

photo credit – April + Paul

I am often asked what flowers the groom is expected to pay for.  

Here is a quick reference that list the 4  Flower Expenses for Grooms

  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Boutonnieres for groomsmen/ushers
  • Corsages or nosegays for mothers
  • Corsages or nosegays for grandmothers

When I prepare floral proposals for couples, I always prepare two separate proposals – one for the brides florals and one for the grooms florals.  Some bride’s families will request just one proposal with everything combined; especially if they feel the grooms family may not be aware of this tradition.

A lot of groom’s and their parents simply do not know they are responsible, or expected to cover any flowers associated with the wedding day.  This was not a common thing in the past.  

At Southern Productions, we provide our couples with a checklist upfront on who pays for what, so there is no confusion from the beginning.  We send the groom a copy of his responsibilities and will be in contact with his parents (with the permission of the bride and/or groom) as well.  We like to take that burden off the bride and her parents so everyone can enjoy the months leading up to the wedding instead of worrying about asking uncomfortable questions!

grooms flower expenses

photo credit – April + Paul

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Rehearsal Dinner Venues | Meridian, Mississippi

Rehearsal Dinner Venues Meridian, Mississippi

As you probably know, there are not a lot of options available to brides and grooms in Meridian, Mississippi, when it comes to a restaurant for their rehearsal dinner.  A lot of couples are choosing to host their dinners at local venues instead; especially when they have a larger guest list than a restaurant can accommodate.  

Last week I shared with you wedding venues in Meridian, MS, (read post here!) and today I want to share some venues and restaurants that are available for hosting rehearsal dinners. 

If you are wanting to host your rehearsal dinner at a Meridian, MS restaurant, there are just a few that can even accommodate a large party in a private setting.

rehearsal dinner venue meridian mississippi | rehearsal dinners at the riley center meridian

210 22nd Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi 39301

  •  Weidmann’s has two banquet rooms available;
    Felix Room – Seats up to 50 guests
    1870 Room – Seats up to 80 guests 
  • The rooms are on the second floor and can be reached either by staircase or elevator
  • There is not a rental fee for the banquet rooms, but they do require a deposit to reserve your date (the deposit is deducted from your total food bill)
  • They offer three different menu options
  • The dinner menu options are priced at $20 per person, $27 per person and $35 per person; you can view them here
  • Weidmanns does not allow the downstairs to be reserved for a private party or dinner
  • For banquet reservations, you can either call or email:
    Molly Robin – 601-581-5770 –
    Charles Frazier – 601-581-5770 –

Harvest Grill
618 22nd Avenue,  Meridian, Mississippi 39301

  • Can accommodate smaller dinners
  • They have a covered outdoor patio that seats 36
  • They have a smaller room available upstairs that seats 20
  • If you are interested in booking Harvest Grill you can give them a call at the number listed above

rehearsal dinner venue meridian mississippiBogey’s Steakhouse
308 Briarwood Road, Meridian, Mississippi 39305

  • Bogey’s is located inside of Briarwood Country Club
  • Their restaurant is situated off Briarwood’s 18th hole, overlooking the water
  • For more information contact them at the number listed above

The Venue
820 22nd Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi, 39301

  • Meridian’s newest event venue that is becoming the go to venue for rehearsal dinners, parties and showers alike 
  • The Lounge can accommodate up to 85 guests for mixed seating
  • The Refectory  can accommodate up to 75 guests for a seated dinner 
  • The Black Bar & Breezeway can accommodate up to 25 for a
  • Their most inclusive package gives you access to the entire floor of The Venue

MSU Riley Center 
2200 5th Street Meridian, Mississippi 39301

  • The theatre stage at MSU Riley Center is the most popular area in the building for rehearsal dinners and can accommodate around 87 guests
  • The grand lobby is another option at The Riley Center and can accommodate 75 guests
  • The Studio Theatre can accommodate 150 guests 
  • The Exhibit Hall can accommodate 375 guests and is usually too large for rehearsal dinners
  • They do require an insurance liability policy
  • Their rates start at $1,500

City Hall
601.485.1944 – Laura Carmichael 

  • City Hall can accommodate up to 233 for a seated dinner
  • They do require an insurance liability policy
  • The rental rate for weekend day or night events is $1,800

Soule Steam Feed Works
1808 4th Street, Meridian, Mississippi  39301

  • Rental starts at $500 

rehearsal dinner venue meridian mississippi

Meridian Little Theatre
4334 Hwy 39 North, Meridian, Mississippi 39301

  • Can accommodate around 150 guests for a seated dinner;  possibly more depending on the set up
  • Rental rate is $1,000 plus a $400 deposit

Northwood Country Club
4300 Country Club Dive, Meridian, Mississippi 39305

  • A popular choice for rehearsal dinners, but is only available to members 

Union Station
1901 Front Street, Meridian, Mississippi 39301

  • Can accommodate up to 130 for a seated dinner in the largest room they offer
  • Can accommodate up to 40 for a seated dinner in each of the smaller rooms; they have two smaller rooms
  • Rental Rates start at $200

Meridian Museum of Art
628 25th Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi 39301

rehearsal dinner venue meridian mississippi

Photo Credit: April + Paul
Venue Pictured: MSU Riley Center
Florist & Planner: Southern Productions weddings & events
Catering + Rentals: Pretty Presentations

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Do I Have to Invite Out of Town Guests to my Rehearsal Dinner?

out of town guests and rehearsal dinner

This article is from The Emily Post Institute 

Every couple planning their wedding is faced with the question of what to do with their out-of-town guests – the concern being that they may end up sitting bored in their hotel rooms with nothing to do and nowhere to go while you and your betrothed are in the final moments of your planning your big day.  In truth, however, your out-of-town guests almost certainly will be glad to have some free time to explore the area and rest from their trip.  Don’t worry: they will understand that you are busy, and you don’t have the obligation to entertain them, nor should they necessarily expect to be invited to the rehearsal dinner.

That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t include visiting guests at the rehearsal dinner if you wish (and budgets allow).  But remember that rehearsal dinners are traditionally more intimate affairs, and are not in fact a practice wedding reception.  They may include no one other than the bride and groom; their parents; grandparents, and siblings; the members of the wedding party; and the officiant.  It is also polite to include their spouses, fiance(e)s, or live-in romantic partners, as well as any other rehearsal dinner guests.  But boyfriends, girlfriends, and friends of single guests may be skipped if budgets just don’t allow – though of course it’s preferable to include them if you can.

For hosts who can’t invite everyone, one approach is to suggest some local restaurants out-of-towners might want to try that evening – along with a message from you in their hotel room welcoming them and saying how much you look forward to seeing them the following day.  This way, visiting guests have plenty of options for enjoying their evening, while the bride and groom are free to focus on the rehearsal dinner.  If you have a wedding website, you can include links to maps, restaurants, and local attractions so guests can make plans in advance. It’s a greener alternative to sending out mass mailings!

A Welcoming Touch

When my friends Ken and Jessica got married, I drove nine hours to be there. Arriving at my hotel room, I was grateful to discover a pretty paper bag filled with fruit, bottled water, mints, granola bars, and a lovely note from the couple.  This type of generous gesture is sure to make any out-of town guest feel welcome – the size and expense don’t matter; it’s the spirit of inclusiveness that counts.

Things to Include in a Welcome Packet

A welcome note from the couple ~ area maps ~ lists of restaurants ~ brochures on local attractions ~ snacks ~ bottled water ~ mini Champagne ~ chocolates ~ mints ~ scented votive candles (and matches) ~ packets of bubble bath or shower gel.

The Out-Of-Towners’ Party

Another great alternative is to go the extra mile and arrange a separate party or dinner for visiting guests.  Held on the same evening as the rehearsal dinner, it gives your friends a chance to get acquainted or catch up while you, your attendants, and your family are busy at the rehearsal dinner.

This party is often given by multiple hosts, often friends or family of the bride and groom, so they can share tasks and expenses, and it could be held at a private home, at a restaurant, or in a club.  Invitations should have been sent well in advance so that guests can plan their travel accordingly.  Often this party is considered the hosts’ wedding gift to the bride and groom, so if you are lucky enough to have good friends throw this party for you, be sure to thank them both with a gift and a handwritten thank-you note.

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