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"6 Mistakes New Wedding Planners Make - And How to Avoid Them"

Get a peek inside the playbook of a successful wedding planning company and learn tips and tricks to become the successful wedding planner you've been dreaming of.

by Terrica McKee
March 5, 2020 at 5:00 P.M. Central

Here's A peek at what you'll learn

The six biggest mistakes I see new wedding planners making.

The fool-proof way to plan weddings that will save you time and your sanity! Time is money!

My 9-step framework for planning weddings from beginning to end.

How to get started as a wedding planner.

I'm Terrica McKee

A Wedding Planner, Florist & Educator

After learning by trial and error over the last ten years, I've finally mastered the art of wedding planning.  Using what I've learned, I've packaged up my exact step by step system and I'm sharing that with you (new and aspiring wedding planners) who need it most.

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