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I'm Terrica, a wedding planner, florist, and educator to new and aspiring wedding planners. If you are frustrated at your 9-5 and craving life as a wedding planner, then I'm here to help!

After thirteen years of planning weddings I finally have this planning thing down to a science and I want to share it all with you!

I don't want you to waste hours, days, months, and maybe even years searching for this information like I did. I want to give it to you straight so you can succeed in your wedding planning business!  

With the framework I teach, you can confidently start your wedding planning business and eventually leave that 9-5.

Through my expertly-designed educational offerings, I share my top resources for your success - so you can seamlessly start your very own wedding planning business with ease!

wedding planner, florist, and educator

I'm Terrica McKee