Full Service Wedding Planning Process Template

Do you need a step by step process for wedding planning? 
Are you worried you may be forgetting important steps?

Our workflow as a planner is very detailed and it can feel overwhelming when you don’t have a process in place. Save yourself hours of work by having a planning process in place. Our process can be incorporated into your own planning business, saving you hours of work.

Having a planning process in place will give you your time and life back!  Or, for new planners it will get you started off on the right foot!

Get the exact process we use for full service wedding planning. This process has our phase based 5 Step Wedding Planning Process broken down task by task. Learn every step we take in each phase for our planning clients in this 18 page template.  

I understand that every wedding is unique, but it’s super simple to delete any tasks that don’t pertain to each wedding. It’s better to have more tasks included in your process than forgetting an important one. 



  • Instant access to the 18-page digital download pdf
  • Plus an editable google docs version of our process 
  • Our full service wedding planning process template you can use in your own planning business

Here’s Your Problem 

You may be a new wedding planner wondering what steps you need to take to plan a wedding. Or you may be a seasoned planner needing a step by step process written out for planning weddings. 

Here’s Your Solution

Having a planning process written out for your business will save you time and stress. Get the exact planning process I’ve been using in my own planning business for the past 13 years. You can use it as is or tweak it for your own business.