Vendor Booking Processes + Questions to Ask Each Vendor Template Collection

What if you knew all of the important questions to ask all of your clients key vendors so you didn't have to worry about missing anything? 

Swipe the 14-pack collection of vendor booking processes we use to book key vendors.  

This is the exact process we use to book each and every wedding vendor to ensure nothing is overlooked. Even though we think we’ll remember each step of the process, there’s always the chance of an important ste being forgotten. Having a process written for each and every vendor is key to saving time and booking mistakes. 



  • Instant access to the PDF digital download
  • 14 vendor booking process templates you can personalize and customize to use as your own processes.

Here’s Your Problem 

You are a new planner and would love to have vendor booking processes written out and created for you to use in your own planning business. That way you knew every question you needed to ask every vendor during the booking process of planning a wedding.

Here’s Your Solution

Swipe our 14-pack collection of vendor booking processes + questions to ask every vendor. This will ensure you are asking the important questions and not forgetting important steps.

The processes include:

  • "Our Process for Booking Venues + Questions to Ask Venues" Template 
  • "Our Process for Booking Photographers + Questions to Ask Photographers" Template 
  • "Our Process for Booking Cinematographers + Questions to ask Cinematographers" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Band/DJs + Questions to Ask Band/DJs" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Ceremony Musicians + Questions to Ask" - Questions to Ask Pianists/Organists + Questions to ask Instrumentalists + Questions to Ask Ceremony DJs Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Caterers + Questions to Ask Caterers" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Cake Bakers + Questions to Ask Cake Bakers" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Transportation + Questions to Ask Transportation" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Officiants + Questions to Ask Officiants" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Hair + Questions to Ask"  Questions to Ask Hair Stylists Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Makeup + Questions to Ask Makeup Artist" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Florists + Questions to Ask" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Rentals + Questions to Ask" Template
  • "Our Process for Booking Lighting + Questions to Ask" Template