Wedding Design Guide Canva Template

Are you unsure of how to communicate the wedding design you are envisioning for your full service wedding planning and design clients?

Creating a wedding design guide is the perfect way to show clients how their wedding will look, ensuring they love every aspect of the design.
Get our exact 20 page wedding design guide template we use to create gorgeous designs for our clients.

100% Customizable
Every font, icon, color, image, and detail is 100% easily customizable for your brand.



  • Instant access to the 20 page Canva template

Here’s Your Problem 

You want to look professional and present your wedding planning clients with a beautiful design guide that will show them how everything will come together. You are just unsure how to create this yourself. 

Here’s Your Solution

Our Wedding Design Guide Canva Template is a beautiful design guide that is super easy to use. Simply plug in your clients color palette, inspiration photos and your own logo and text and you have yourself a beautiful design guide to present to each of your clients that will wow them every time!