Services & Pricing Guide Canva Template

It’s important to have a pretty guide to share with potential clients that showcases your services and pricing in a visually appealing way. It makes you look professional and on top of things from the start.

Get our exact services and pricing guide we share with potential clients when they inquire about our services. This is a beautiful, editable Canva template that you can edit and use for your own planning business. You can change the fonts, colors, text and photos to fit your own brand, or you can use it as it is. 

This guide shares service pages with pricing, testimonial pages, FAQ page, the planning process and a sample wedding timeline. You can use our services and pricing as a guide on what services to offer in your own planning business.  



  • Instant access to the 28-page Services & Pricing Guide
  • Editable Canva template
  • 2 different cover page options
  • Sample wedding timeline
  • Our planning process
  • Our exact packages and services we offer with pricing 

Here’s Your Problem 

You’re a new wedding planner and you need a pretty way to present your services and pricing to potential clients instead of sending them a simple word document. Or perhaps you are an established planner that needs to vamp up your services and pricing guide and need a template you can plug your own information into to save yourself time.

Here’s Your Solution

A done for you Canva template services & pricing guide that is beautiful and includes services you can use as your own or tweak them however you like, includes a planning process you can tweak, a sample timeline you can use as it is or tweak and more.