Voxer Coaching:
One-On-One Mentoring

With this 1 month offering, you'll have a business month of access to direct messaging with Terrica through Voxer! Voxer is a free voice-messaging app that functions similarly to a walkie talkie. It also supports typed messaging when you need it! Consult with Terrica about any wedding planning-related questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. Let's talk about all things wedding planning!



  • One-on-one direct access to Terrica for 1 month
  • Unlimited voice and text messaging 
  • Guaranteed answers to all wedding-related topics from an experienced professional

Here’s Your Problem 

You are a new wedding planner and you have so many questions and would love to be able to ask an established wedding planner. 

Here’s Your Solution

Ask Terrica any wedding planning related question you may have! You can text the questions or voice message them through Voxer!