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Wedding Planning Client Inquiry Process

When someone completes the lead contact form on our website we have it set up within Aisle Planner for them to receive an automated email that includes our services brochure with pricing.  If they respond to the email we follow our inquiry process below.     However, there are lots of times when someone will complete […]

Wedding Day Checklist for Wedding Planners

As a wedding planner there are lots of things you are responsible for doing on the wedding day.  In addition to directing the day and making sure everyone is ready on time, gathering people for photos and directing the ceremony and reception, there are a lot of things you have to do before all of […]

Wedding Timelines

As a wedding planner, you’ve got to make sure you plan out your client’s wedding day timeline down to the minute things will happen. But, you may be a new or aspiring planner and you’re just not sure what all you should include other than the vendor arrival times. My timelines have really grown over […]

6 Things New Planners Don't Think About

Today I want to share 6 things that new wedding planners don’t  think about when you’re a new planner.  These are things that I didn’t think about in the beginning so I hope this helps you to cover your bases before your first wedding. Things New Wedding Planners Don’t Think About Before Their First Wedding […]