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  So many new wedding planners think they have to charge a lot less than their competitors are charging in order to stand out and get booked.     You do market research to determine what your competition is charging then you set your pricing at 20-50% less because you are determined to do whatever it […]

Victoria and Jeffrey had a beautiful Philadelphia, Mississippi boho wedding at Bridges the Venue.  Victoria  and Jeffrey were both a pure joy to work with while planning their wedding! They have been together since ninth grade and only broke up one time during the entire length of their relationship.  And they only stayed broken up […]

  So many aspiring wedding planners think they can’t build a successful wedding planning business while still working a 9-5.   I actually started my wedding planning business while still working a 9-5 and worked at that job for six years while I built my business on the side.    I know you think clients […]

I love a fall wedding and Ashley and Bailey’s October wedding was a beautiful one.  I love when I get the chance to work with different color palettes and knew right away I was going to have fun designing with Ashley’s colors of rust, blue, champagne and neutral tones.  We used a fun mix of […]