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Cayla and Josh’s classic Meridian, MS Wedding at First Presbyterian and The Max was perfect in every way! They decided to get married at the church Josh grew up in since both of his brothers had been married in the same church.  They didn’t want to break the tradition so they chose to have both […]

I have been a wedding planner and florist  for nine years. When I got started as planner I took the planning certification by the Association of Bridal Consultants, but I didn’t feel that it helped me truly learn how to plan weddings from start to finish.  I learned some tips and etiquette advice, but everything […]

If you’re struggling with how to get started planning weddings the right way then you’re probably experiencing frustration, confusion and overwhelm.  You are probably working around the clock and feel like there’s not a better way to do this. Wedding planning takes a lot of time and you LOVE planning weddings so you don’t see […]

I recently realized that a lot of new wedding planners are planning weddings without systems and a planning process in place.  This is slowing you down big time. You are using a checklist that you pieced together from templates you find online. The problem with these generic checklists is they are going to be broken […]