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6 Ways to Gain Confidence As a New Wedding Planner

I remember being exactly where you are.  A brand new wedding planner that was very eager to serve my clients and go above and beyond to meet their needs.  I was worried I would forget something important, or not be able to answer a question the couple or their parents had.  Oh, the many sleepless […]

Old Waverly Wedding West Point, MS

Peyton and Walt had their beautiful blue and white wedding at Old Waverly in West Point, Mississippi.  After having to postpone their May wedding we were all so glad their wedding day was finally here!  It was evident these two were ready to become husband and wife despite all the crazy circumstances in the world.  […]

Final Venue Walk-through for Wedding Planners

Are you a new wedding planner that’s unsure of how to conduct a final venue walk-through?  Don’t worry you’ve got this sis!  They can be intimidating at first since you are the one in charge and you’re the one leading and conducting the meeting.  But with proper planning and preparation you can ensure a successful […]

Kendall and Josh had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony on the fourth of July, at McClain Lodge in Brandon, Mississippi. They were supposed to get married on March 28th, but two weeks before the wedding they were forced to reschedule thanks to COVID.  It was not an easy decision for these two to make on […]