Final Vendor Checklist

Our Final Vendor Checklist is one of the most important parts of the planning process. It's a document that we use for every wedding to ensure everything has been taken care of and nothing is forgotten. Think of this document as your final vendor reconciliation checklist.



  • Instant access to the editable template in Word file format
  • 8 page checklist
  • Final Vendor Checklist for 21 different vendor categories

Here’s Your Problem 

You want to be prepared for the wedding day since it’s your job as the planner to make sure everything has been done, planned and taken care of. You know you need a final vendor checklist, but you’re not sure what all you should include on it.

Here’s Your Solution

You can have access to our done for you comprehensive vendor checklist for the final stages of wedding planning. No more guessing if you’ve forgotten important tasks. Use our checklist and make the coordination phase of wedding planning run smoothly.