Final Venue Walk Through Checklist

A final venue walkthrough is a crucial step for wedding planners to ensure that all details are in place and that the venue is set up according to the couple's preferences. 

Our Final Venue Walk Through Client Checklist is the checklist we use at our final walk through meeting with our couple. This checklist goes over everything we need to confirm from the couple (where our final vendor checklist is questions we need to confirm from the vendors).  

This checklist is asking things like final guest count, rain plan, food for the wedding party, gift details, floor plan details, vendor payments, and so much more. It also includes a checklist of items we collect from the couple. 



  • Instant access to the editable template in Word file format
  • 3 page checklist

Here’s Your Problem 

You are unsure of what all you need to be asking your couples at the final venue walk through and you’re worried you may forget something important. Maybe you’re a brand new wedding planner and you haven’t started planning weddings yet, so you don’t have any past weddings to learn from. 

Here’s Your Solution

Save yourself time and stress and get our exact checklist for the final venue walk through. Make your life easier and use this done for you checklist so you can work on more important things in your business.