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Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette

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Gift Giving Wedding Etiquette Fact #1:  Invited guests have an obligation to send a gift, whether they are attending the wedding or not.  If you have not seen or spoken to the person in years and do not attend the wedding, then gifts are not expected.  Also, if you receive a wedding announcement, rather than an invitation, then gifts are not expected.

Gift Giving Wedding Etiquette Fact #2:  Traditionally, gifts are delivered to the bride’s home or her parents’ home before the wedding, or sent to the couple’s home after the wedding.  Some guests think they have up to a year after a wedding to send gifts, but that is not the case. It is never too late, but one year is not correct nor the norm.

Gift Giving Wedding Etiquette Fact #3: So how much should you give if you decide to give cash as a gift?  Who came up with the idea that the amount or price of one’s wedding gift should equate to what the couple spent on your dinner at the wedding reception.  That’s just not true.  You can give as much, or as little, as you want based on your own budget.  Just know that in gift giving wedding etiquette, no matter where a wedding is held, a guest’s lodging and transportation does not count as a gift.

Gift Giving Wedding Etiquette Fact #4: Never feel bad about giving money.  Cash is always a great gift, even if the couple has a wedding registry.  Cash is always appreciated because it allows the couple to buy exactly what they want or they can put it towards a larger purchase.

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