The first vendor you should contact as the planner about the timeline is the photographer. Before you can figure out what time hair and makeup needs to begin, you have to know what time the photographer plans to arrive. Contacting them first for a photo timeline is the first step to creating a wedding day […]

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Guide for Parents of the Groom

Do you wish you had a guide to share with the parents of the groom? A pretty guide that answers a lot of their questions? I have created a beautiful guide you can edit and share with the groom and his parents. Or, this is perfect for the groom’s parents that doesn’t have a planner […]

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Venue Comparison Spreadsheet

Having a way to track venues your couples are interested in is a great way to easily compare venues. Our venue comparison spreadsheet makes it super easy to add the information for each venue you or your couples visit. When you’re looking at venue brochures and contracts it can get a little overwhelming. It’s hard […]

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We love reusing the bridesmaid bouquets at the reception when we need to cut back a little on the floral budget. And we try to use them somewhere even if the couple has a good floral budget, if there’s a spot for them. Today, I’m sharing 3 ways to reuse bridesmaid bouquets at the reception. […]

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