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6 Ways to Gain Confidence As a New Wedding Planner

I remember being exactly where you are.  A brand new wedding planner that was very eager to serve my clients and go above and beyond to meet their needs.  I was worried I would forget something important, or not be able to answer a question the couple or their parents had.  Oh, the many sleepless […]

Final Venue Walk-through for Wedding Planners

Are you a new wedding planner that’s unsure of how to conduct a final venue walk-through?  Don’t worry you’ve got this sis!  They can be intimidating at first since you are the one in charge and you’re the one leading and conducting the meeting.  But with proper planning and preparation you can ensure a successful […]

Process for Booking Wedding Caterer

Today I’m sharing one of our vendor booking processes from our template bundle that consists of 11 different vendor booking processes + questions to ask each of those vendors.  Learn about our process for booking caterers to use with your own planning clients. By the way, If you haven’t seen our Vendor Booking Process + […]

Aisle Planner for Wedding

If I had to pick just one system to invest in from the very start of  a planning business it would be Aisle Planner.  Aisle Planner is one of the very best systems I use in my planning business daily. A few reasons why I LOVE Aisle Planner: the ability to have everything stored in […]