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5 Must Have Processes Every Wedding Planner Needs

Having processes set up in your wedding planning business is so important for the future of your business.   Having processes ensures no step is overlooked and processes save you SO much time.  Before I created processes for everything I do in my planning business I would often forget little steps that needed to be done.  […]

Best Floor Plan Software for Wedding Planners

I have been on a mission this past year to help new and aspiring wedding planners in their planning business.  I want you to get the backend of your business set up the right way from the start so you don’t have to spend all your time working.  You have a life and you have […]

SEO For wedding planners

I get it. You don’t have time to blog and don’t see how it could benefit your planning business.  You already have enough on your plate and you can’t imagine adding one more thing. If you are not blogging you are missing out on a lot of couples finding you online. Blogging is an awesome […]

Insurance for Wedding Planners

Insurance is never a fun topic to discuss, but as a wedding planner you need to make sure you are covered. All legit businesses have insurance to protect them in case something happens. As a planner you need a general liability policy for sure. It protects you if a client claims that the services you […]