Do I really need to tip my Mississippi wedding vendors?

How much to tip wedding vendors in Meridian, MS, is a question I get asked by a lot of brides today. I always tell them that you are never obligated to tip, but it is a nice way to thank the people that helped make your day special; especially vendors who offer exceptional service.
I do understand that you are already shelling out a lot of money and you probably think it sounds crazy to give your vendors even more money, but remember tipping is not expected from every vendor, but a nice gesture for great service. A nice thank you note is always appreciated and can actually be the best thank you a vendor can receive. I have to admit, a nice thank you note after a wedding is something I cherish and it is so nice to know you were appreciated after your hard work.

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist:
Tip?  Yes
Amount? 15-20%, like you would for a normal appointment
When? After she is finished making you gorgeous

Wedding Transportation
Tip? Yes, unless it is already included in your contract
Amount? 15-20% of the total bill
When? When you arrive at your destination

Tip? Not expected, but a personal gift is a nice gesture


Catering Staff
Tip? If the gratuity is not included, yes.
Amount? 15-20% of your total catering bill
When? At the end of the reception

Delivery Staff
Tip?  Nice gesture
Amount?  $5-$10 per person
When? Give these to your wedding planner to distribute when the deliveries are made

Amount? 10-15% of total liquor bill or $25 each
When? At the end of the night

Ceremony Officiant
Tip?  Some officiants have their own fees set and some leave it up to the couple on how much they want to give.
Amount? $100 if they do not have a set fee
When? At the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner

Ceremony Musicians
Tip? Optional.  If you have hired musicians then this one is totally up to you.  If they go above and beyond what you expected of them and you want to reward them then go for it.
Amount? $15-$20 per musician
When? Before they leave the ceremony venue

Band or DJ
Tip? Optional
Amount? If you choose to tip, $20-$50 per musician or $25-$150 for DJ’s
When? At the end of the reception

Wedding Planner
Tip? Optional and not expected
Amount? I do not feel comfortable putting an amount here and personally do not expect anything, but it is always so nice to receive a thank you note after the wedding.
When? After you return from your honeymoon



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