3 Reasons to Opt Out of a Head Table at your Reception

#1  Extra expense…  When you have a head table at your wedding reception this adds on additional expenses because you will need more tables and linens since you can only sit on one side of the table.  And you can’t leave the head table bare which will require more centerpieces and decor items.  In addition to the tables, linens and centerpieces you will need to rent more chairs if you are not using the chairs provided by your venue, which I know you would not do if you are having a beautiful event!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are some venues out there that provide great chairs, but I have yet to find any in the Meridian area.  I could go on and on, but will save it for another post!

#2 Your attendants significant other will have to sit alone…  In my opinion, this reason alone is enough for most brides to say no to a head table.

Has your boyfriend or significant other ever been in a wedding where they had a head table they had to sit at?

How did it make you feel to be alone for so many hours?

You had to sit alone during the rehearsal, you sat alone during the ceremony because you did not know anyone else at the wedding and now you will have to sit with guests you do not know during dinner.

This can make for a very awkward situation if you do not know any of the guests at the wedding.  So, put yourself in their shoes for the day.  After the ceremony your wedding party will want to enjoy the reception with their significant other and they will not want to have to worry about them feeling uncomfortable all day and night.

You want to make all of your guests feel comfortable and especially your wedding party…your dearest friends.  Let them choose where and with whom they want to sit with at the reception.

#3 It will take up too  much space from your floor plan… A head table can get very long if you have a lot of  attendants in your wedding.  If you do decide to add in the significant others of your wedding party it could get even longer, and, let’s admit, that may throw off the look of the entire reception that you and your designer have worked so hard on.

If you had your heart set on a head table and are now confused about what to do, don’t worry!  In my opinion, the best place for a head table is at the rehearsal dinner.  Why not just include you and your soon to be hubby at the head table with your immediate family members on each side of you two.  Or, if space permits you could have one long table of family style seating for the entire rehearsal dinner guest list.

Opt for a fabulous bride and groom table instead!


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