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4 Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

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Remembering lost loved ones at your wedding can be tough because this person’s absence is personal and emotional for you and your family. It can be challenging when trying to acknowledge that loved one and still maintaining the joyous mood on your special day. The wonderful thing is there are many great ways to honor your passed loved ones and keep the celebratory spirit of the wedding.

Here are 4 Ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding:

1) Include them in your wedding programs in an “In Loving Memory” section

Photo by Kathy Stephens Photography, Wedding Programs by Dement Printing

2) A classic way to recognize lost loved ones is to light a candle either during your ceremony or on an entryway table. You can also add a picture(s) of lost loved ones on that table with the candle or without candles. Those pictures can include the living and the deceased as well which is a good way to incorporate family photographs.
Photo by Debbie Gentry Photography

3) A flower can be placed on the seat where your loved one would be sitting. If you have lost your mother or father (especially more recently) this is a great way to honor them if it would not be too emotional for you.  Some brides choose to place the flower in the seat during the bridal processional.

4) A memory table of pictures can be displayed at your reception as well.

Photo by Chlee Henderson Photography


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