Monograms & Middle Names: Southern Etiquette

If you are from the South it is probably safe to say you love monograms and can not wait to use your new married monogram.  However, the proper etiquette is that you do not use your new monogram until after you are married; after the wedding ceremony.  So what does that mean?  I can’t use my new last name initial on my wedding programs?  This is a question I hear a lot from brides when I explain this etiquette tip to them and my answer is “Yes, that is correct;” however, some brides choose to go ahead and use their new last name initial and that is a personal decision you can make.

Custom wedding logos using first initials of the bride and groom are a great alternative to a monogram and they can be used on so many things to personalize your wedding.  From save-the-dates, invitations and programs to gobos, napkins, favor tags and so much more, a custom logo can be carried throughout the entire wedding.

What is the traditional way to write your new married monogram?
Now you are married so your new married monogram will have the bride’s initial first, followed by the couples last  name and lastly the grooms first name.
My married monogram is: TMK  (Terrica and Kyle McKee)

Should you drop your middle name or your maiden name once you are married? 
This is a personal choice that you will have to make, but most all Southern ladies I know drop their middle name and use their maiden name.  I always want to be connected to my family with our shared name so dropping Williams was never a question for me. After I married my name became: Terrica Williams McKee


If you have questions or comments feel free to ask or share in the comment box below.  I would love to hear your feedback and see how you feel about these topics.


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