Wedding Dress Bustle

What is a Wedding Dress Bustle?

A bustle lifts the train up in a decorative fashion off the floor so you don’t have to carry the train on your wrist or over your arm. 

Very few wedding dress designers have a bustle built in the dress, so you will have to have your wedding dress alterations specialist add a bustle to your gown.  This is especially important for beach wedding dresses, the wind that you will undoubtedly face means you need to prepare a little differently. A bustle makes it convenient for you to walk around and dance without the train getting in your way. It is held up on the skirt of your train by sets of hooks and loops or buttons and loops. One bustle style uses sets of ties or a set of ties and loops to hold the train up. on your wrist or over your arm. 

Do I need a Bustle for my Wedding Gown?

If you have a long train you may want a bustle. As mentioned before you will be able to keep you hands free for the reception. You especially need one if you will be walking around and dancing in your gown for hours at the reception. You don’t need a bustle if you have a short sweep train. You also may not want a bustle if you only will wear your dress for a short time. Otherwise, it is worth the cost to have one added to your dress for the convenience of it. 

What are the different Types of Bustles?

  • Over Bustle: Created by gathering the train and attaching it to various places “over” the skirt fabric. The multiple folds or pick-ups create an elegant look for full gowns or long trains.
  • Under Bustle or French Bustle: Crafted by gathering the train and fastening it “under” the skirt with hidden buttons, creating a single or double fold at the back of the skirt. Ideal for A-line or narrow skirts.
  • Ballroom Bustle: Created by fastening the train in several points across the bottom of dress so that it appears to have no train. Ideal for brides who want to maintain a chic and sleek silhouette instead of a traditional bustle.

How do I choose the best Bustle for my Dress?

With help from the sewing professional you will be able to tell which one looks best with your dress. Most of the time one bustle style will look better than another. But in some cases each style bustle looks equally as good. In this case it is just a matter of which one you like the best.

When Should I put my Wedding Dress Bustle up?

I suggest putting your bustle up before you arrive at the reception.  If you have a wedding planner they will bustle your dress for you once you arrive at the reception or right before you leave the ceremony venue.




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