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Ceremony Music

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Personalizing your wedding music is one way you can make your ceremony unique.  Some officiants will require you to stick to traditional music, while others are more flexible in allowing you to personalize the music to your taste.

A traditional wedding ceremony has 5 main pieces of music…

The music that is played at least 30 minutes before the ceremony that welcomes guests as they are seated.  Some couples like to have the ceremony musician(s) decide what prelude music they will play, while others like to choose every song.

This music is played as attendants are walking down the aisle.  You can choose one song for both the groomsmen and bridesmaids or let them them each enter to their own song.  Brides usually like to have their own song for the bridal processional.

Some couples like to have music played or to have a choir or soloist sing at some point during the ceremony.  A good place for a solo is after the mother’s  are seated or during a unity candle or sand ceremony.

The music at the end of the ceremony that is played for the wedding part to exit to.  This music is usually more upbeat than the processional music. Depending on the size of your wedding party will determine if you will need more than one song.  Sometimes two songs are needed for the recessional.

A continuation of upbeat and celebratory music that is played as the guest exit the ceremony.

Try to keep your music within the framework of the style and formality of the wedding. Although a church wedding does not mean you have to choose all religious music, you want to be respectful of the location.

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