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7 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

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One of the most important parts of your initial wedding planning process is asking your bridesmaids.  You want to make sure you make them feel special when asking them to be a part of your wedding day.

If your bridesmaids live near you it’s a great idea to get them all together for lunch to surprise them with the “proposal.”  If everyone can’t make it you can meet with them individually or if they live to far to meet in person it is perfectly fine to mail the gift.  Here are a few creative ways you can ask your special girl’s to be your bridesmaids.

1. Jewelry

bridesmaids necklaceThe Jewelry Bar

bridesmaid name necklace

Madison Elizabeth Designs

2. Wine/Champagne

bridesmaid wine 1

Fingers in Ink

3. Gift Box

bridesmaids gift box

bridesmaids gift box 1

bridesmaids gift box 2

Bridal Guide

4. Custom Hangers

bridesmaid hanger

Two Broads Design

5. Monogrammed Koozies

bridesmaid monogrammed koozie

The Monogrammed Monkey

6. Clutch

bridesmaid card and clutch

Dement Printing and Malick and Grace

7. Cupcakes in a Jar

bridesmaids cupcakes in a jar

Marry This

You can always use traditional cards…

bridesmaids card

Jax Designs 27

bridesmaid card 2

By Alice Boutique


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