Claire and Kyle…The Proposal at the Kappa Delta Sorority House

Happy Wedding Week to Claire and Kyle! claire and kyle engagement 2 I just love to hear how my couples get engaged and Kyle really went the extra mile to make sure it was a special day for Claire.

How We Got Engaged…By Claire

I would be lying if I said I never dreamt of the day I would have my very own candle pass. It is the dream of every sorority woman, right? Well, it was mine at least– that moment where you blow out the candle and announce to your sorority sisters that you’re engaged! The shrills, crying, hugging and most importantly, story telling! It was the night of my last chapter meeting as an undergraduate member of Kappa Delta. Anyone who knows me can attest that my love for Kappa Delta runs deep. Heck, I went to work for the national orginzation post graduation! So needless to say, it was a very bittersweet night. The announcement was made a few hours before chapter meeting that we would be having a candle pass. The green-eyed monster ate me up for the next few hours. Friends were calling to ask if it was me that got engaged. Sadly, I assured them it wasn’t- I wish.  Chapter meeting was a blur. I mean, who can focus when you know an engagement story is in the near future? Back at the sorority house, the lights were dimmed, candle lit, and singing had begun. The Kappa Delta song, Follow Me, always makes me tear up, but it wasn’t until I realized that my best friends were playing big roles in the candle pass that I really began to cry. I was so confused. Reality hit me hard when my best friend– who lives over six hours away– rounded the corner, singing and similing. I realized then, this was all for me. I was pulled into the middle of the room, so confused and nervous. My hands were so sweaty, but Kyle didn’t seem to mind as he reached for them. Dressed in a suit, in front of 150 women that have greatly impacted my life, he whispered sweet nothings (which I made him retell me later) in my ear, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife! Tears, tears, and more tears. The crying didn’t stop. I called my mom to tell her the news, only to learn that Kyle had spent the previous weekend at my house in Orlando, FL, for the purpose of asking permission from my dad. I know, what a keeper! I think it goes without saying that I am a very lucky girl. Kyle put so much thought and preparation into our engagement, and it is a night that I will vividly remember forever. Cheers to becoming a “Williams”! claire and kyle engagementPhoto Credit: Emily Lee


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