Lost Yorkie in Meridian, MS

I have been heartbroken for this lady since I heard about this crazy story of her  Yorkie getting sent home with the wrong owner at a Meridian, MS groomer’s office and is now lost!

Here is the story in her words…

Angel was left at local groomers at 8 am Wed. May 28. As I was leaving a young lady brought a King Charles spaniel in, wrapped in white blanket? I drove off…the young lady then brought in her Yorkie. The mix up was from the get go…the spaniel was placed in pen with my Angel. And their Yorkie in a pen by itself. I was told my Yorkie was hyper climbing cage and in a fit. That is because she was not used to being in an enclosed area with another dog. I called at 3 pm to check her status. They said running behind someone did not show for work. But would call me. They called me at 3:45 and said she would be ready in 15 minutes…It was raining lightly…I got there and they handed me a Yorkie, presumably Angel…said they had cut the quick on the nail and it may cause her to bleed. Gave me some powered to put on it. I put the dog in car and treated it like mine but was concerned because this one did not want to hang out window or be petted. It was scared. I picked up my mother over by Northwest school to run he to pick up her car…we both thought Angel was not her self (that is because it was not Angel) I told mom. Let me drop her off at my home then I would take her on her errand. I finally got the dog out of my car. It hid under car…very strange. Angel would have wanted to come in and eat…. Any way I get back home and at 5:51 I called the groomer and told them she was acting very strange…don’t worry. It is the cut on the nail. Around 7 pm I text son. Something was strange…He did not come over her was asleep. I called mom at 9 pm…and said this is not Angel…something is very wrong. I began goggling her behavior…heavy panting, distress signs after going to dog groomer…never once did I see wrong dog. I took dog to bed with me and it slept right under my right shoulder. Panting heavily but getting some rest. I woke husband at 5 am and ask him if he could confirm whether this was Angel…He knew immediately. This dog was partial to men and sat right at his feet. Angel would have been on my heels. We took dog back to groomer at 7 am (Thursday Mat 29) and began frantically trying to find out what happened. The mix up is the Timeline from originally story. The young lady did not pick up her dogs until at least 5 pm or later. The dogs loaded into her car she drives them home and down the long winding gravel road up to her home. She open car doors and out they go as they have always done…I truly believe my Angel tore back down the gravel drive and started to return from where she came. She was scared. I now know she NEVER entered these peoples home and if it was say between 5 :30 and 6:00 pm and still had 2 hrs. Of light. The question now. Where and which direction would she go. Cars travel fast down Old Popular Spring Drive. Did something get her during night …did some one pick her up? I am starting with all the VETS at 8 am. Got to get more flyers printed and call paper to continue with ads… Please Angel girl. Come home This timeline has been confirmed and there are witnesses…It makes so much more sense now . Wish I would of had my scent along the driving route instead of sitting at house


Please contact her if you find Angel…She needs her mama and her mama needs her!! Just breaks my heart! And please share this story and if you are able to print off the flyer above and post it anywhere it would be greatly appreciated!


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