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Providing Food for the Wedding Party

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More than likely you will have to arrive to your ceremony venue several hours before the ceremony begins and the bride and bridesmaids may even arrive six hours or more before the ceremony begins in order to start hair and makeup.  It can make for a long day when you have to arrive so early, so it is very important that you provide food and drinks for the wedding party and yourself.

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A lot of parents’ friends, family or church members will provide food for the wedding party on the wedding day, which is such a nice gesture.  If you have all the showers you need already planned and someone wants to do something for you this would be a great opportunity for them to be involved.  Usually a group of ladies will go in together to provide this.

Some popular choices are sandwich trays (Subway, McAlister’s Deli, Etc.) wrap trays (Chick-fil-a), nugget trays for the guys (Chick-fil-a, Raising Cane’s).   Water and sprite are good choices for beverages since they are light and won’t show a stain as well as a dark drink would.  Be sure to provide straws too, to help prevent any drink from getting on your dress or suites.

If you are going to be at the venue all morning and afternoon you can provide breakfast as well and something as simple as donuts will suffice.


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