Meet a SP Bride: Kylie

Welcome to our new series: “Meet a SP Bride!”  I am so excited to start introducing my brides in this fashion and I know you all are going to love reading about what they have to say!

I first met with Kylie last year about her wedding and she booked my Wedding Planning Guidance + Wedding Day Management package as well as our floral design and decorating services.  I always love working at new venues and this will be our first wedding at The Old Place, in Gautier, MS.  The ceremony and reception will be held outside and the venue sits on the beautiful bay.

We are so excited to be a part of their wedding day!  I love working with new vendors and will meet a few new ones (that are new to me) that include: The Old Place, DJ’s by the Bay, Scranton’s Catering, ABC Rental and RD Digital.  I also have the pleasure of working with a couple of vendors that I have worked with a couple of times before: Phillip Carlisle Photography and Violinist Jenee Wright.

kylie and ryan engagementYour Name: Kylie Rowell

Your Beau’s Name: Ryan Joiner

How’d You Meet?  Ryan was the MCC assistant men’s soccer coach at the time and was helping my mom with her high school soccer team. So my mom and Ryan’s boss got the idea to introduce us because they thought we might hit it off.

How did he propose?  Were you surprised?!  Very surprised! We were on vacation with my family at Orange Beach, AL and he told me we were going to meet up with some friends before we went to supper with my family. We went to what I thought was his friend’s condo and walked out onto the dock. Little did I know our friends were walking up behind us videoing the whole thing. He was acting so weird trying to stall and give our friends enough time to get up to the dock. I still didn’t know they were there until someone took off my sunglasses so they could see my eyes in all the pictures. He said a bunch of sweet things, which I’m still unsure of what all he said because I immediately starting crying. When I said yes, he tried to slip the ring on my finger but we were both shaking so much that he dropped the ring and it almost fell through the cracks of the dock. But LUCKILY he caught it right before it hit the ground! We will always remember that special day especially since we almost had to go fishing for my ring!

kylie and ryan engagement 7

When and where are you two getting married?  What made you decide on that venue and time of year? We are getting married at La Maison Gautier “The Old Place” in Gautier, MS on July 26, 2014. I know it’s usually traditional to get married where the bride is from, but as soon as I knew I was going to marry Ryan I knew I wanted a coast wedding. We looked all along the MS coast from Gautier to Bay St. Louis and The Old Place was our favorite by far. The Old Place’s beautiful landscape right on the river was just the kind of outdoor summer wedding venue we were looking for.

Describe your wedding in three words:  Classic, rustic, & elegant

Tell me more! Theme, colors, style, must-haves?!  My colors are sky blue and my flowers are mostly cream and white. I’m going with a very simple, but elegant wedding. Ryan and I are both very easy going, so a simple wedding bodes well with our personalities. A must-have is our koozies. I am a connoisseur of koozies and love collecting them at each event we go to, so it was a definite must-have for our wedding.

What’s your favorite wedding blog or magazine?  I got most of my ideas from Pinterest.

What have you loved most about planning your wedding?  What I love most about planning a wedding is planning with my mom and my friends. Since I am the first one of my friends to get married, this whole process is so new to me and my friends. So we get to all experience this wedding planning for the first time together. And I get to share all the best prices, plans, and details of a wedding with them and they’ve helped me so much. Also I’m so glad I’m getting to plan this wedding with my mom. I would not have been able to do this without her because she is so much more organized and determined than I am. It’s been so fun being able to plan this with them.

kylie and ryan engagement 1

What’s been the most difficult?  The most difficult part of planning a wedding is trying to get the wedding you want but at a price you can afford. Weddings are ridiculously expensive. Even if you are going for something simple it still costs way more than what you expect. So we tried to do a lot of shopping around before we picked anything so that we could get the best deal without compromising what we really wanted.

Making decisions is also a difficult part for me. I am so indecisive, but my fiancé loves making decisions. So we make a pretty good team with the wedding planning.

Have you always dreamed about your wedding day? or is this a new thing for you?  I never really dreamed of what my wedding would be like until I knew I was going to marry Ryan. Whenever I realized he was the one, that’s when all the wedding ideas started popping into my head.

kylie and ryan engagement 3

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day?  I’m most excited to see all our friends and family together in one place. Since we are from two different places in the state, we don’t get to have everyone together often.

Are you two taking a honeymoon? Where to and what do you plan to do?  We are taking a honeymoon to Jamaica. We are staying in an all-inclusive resort and we are looking forward to just relaxing by the beach and maybe doing some sailing or kayaking.

Why is marriage so important to you two? What are you excited or nervous about?!  Marriage is so important to us because we have had pretty separate lives since we have lived in different cities for most of our relationship. We can’t wait to begin our lives together! We also come from two very different families, but they both gave us the same outlook on marriage. We know that marriage is the next step in our journey and will be the best decision we’ve ever made!

Do you have any advice for the newly engaged?  Or do you have any questions for the already married?  Don’t stress over the little things. Try to enjoy the time you have planning because it will be gone before you know it.

kylie and ryan engagement 4

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