What are the Grooms Flower Expenses?

Grooms Flower Expenses

photo credit – April + Paul

I am often asked what are the grooms flower expenses. 

Here is a quick reference that list the 4  Flower Expenses for Grooms

  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Boutonnieres for groomsmen/ushers
  • Corsages or nosegays for mothers
  • Corsages or nosegays for grandmothers

When I prepare floral proposals for couples, I always prepare two separate proposals – one for the brides florals and one for the grooms florals.  Some bride’s families will request just one proposal with everything combined; especially if they feel the grooms family may not be aware of this tradition.

A lot of groom’s and their parents simply do not know they are responsible, or expected to cover any flowers associated with the wedding day.  This was not a common thing in the past.  

At Southern Productions, we provide our couples with a checklist upfront on who pays for what, so there is no confusion from the beginning.  We send the groom a copy of his responsibilities and will be in contact with his parents (with the permission of the bride and/or groom) as well.  We like to take that burden off the bride and her parents so everyone can enjoy the months leading up to the wedding instead of worrying about asking uncomfortable questions!

grooms flower expenses

photo credit – April + Paul


Grooms Flower Expenses

I have created a great guide for Parents of the Groom. It explains everything they need to know on their end for the wedding. To learn more click here!


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