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Meridian Mississippi Bridal Shower Venues

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Today I am sharing Meridian Mississippi bridal shower venues.   These venues are smaller, more affordable options for hosting smaller scale events.  Most of these venues would be options for hosting birthday parties as well as baby showers.  

If you are familiar with other small venues in Meridian that have not been mentioned please inform me.  I want to provide accurate and detailed information to make your search a little easier.  This post will be updated if I learn about any others. 

Meridian Mississippi Bridal Shower Venues

Highland Park Dentzel Carousel

  • Phone | 601-485-1802
  • Email | parks_recreation@meridianms.org
  • Rate  | Starts at $75

The Venue

  • Phone | 601-604-7626
  • Email | thevenue.meridian@gmail.com
  • Rate | $350 and up 

Union Station

  • Phone | 601-484-6852
  • Rate | $200 and up 

Elegance Ballroom Dance Studio

  • Phone | 601-934-1414
  • Contact for more info

Harvest Grill

  • Phone | 601-282-5069
  • Contact for more info

The Century House Bed & Breakfast 

  • Phone | 601-479-4291
  • Contact for more info


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