Who All Does the Bride and Groom Buy a Gift For?

Who All Does the Bride and Groom Buy a Gift For?

Purchasing gifts for everyone involved in your wedding can be a big expense and is one of the expenses most couples forget to add to their wedding budget.  Since gifts can add up very quickly; especially if you have a large wedding party, you will want to ensure you budget appropriately for them.   If you need personalised mothers day gifts, you can check it out here!

Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will be spending a lot of money to be in your wedding – purchasing a dress, possibly paying for hair and makeup, helping with your bachelorette party and purchasing a shower gift – so gifting them with a nice gift is definitely a must.    As a general rule you should expect to spend $75-$150 per bridesmaid, although some spend around $50 per bridesmaid.

Best Man & Groomsmen

The groom is responsible for purchasing gifts for the groomsmen.  The groomsmen are also having to spend a lot to be in your wedding so an appropriate gift would cost anywhere from $50-$100.

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

You should plan to spend around $50 on each flower girl and ring bearer.


A lot of ushers are treated the same as the groomsmen would be and are involved in everything the groomsmen are involved in.  They are more than likely purchasing or renting the same tux and may be involved in the bachelor party as well so you should plan to spend the same amount you would spend on a groomsmen gift, or at least $50.  The groom usually purchases the ushers gifts as well.

Program & Registry Attendants

Program and registry attendants should receive a little happy for being a part of your wedding.  You should plan on spending around $25 per attendant.


It’s always a nice gesture to give your parents a gift on the wedding day to thank them for their help with the wedding.  The gift does not have to be expensive and can be something as simple as a personalized handkerchief or a framed engagement photo.  There is really not a set amount you should plan to spend on parents gifts.  This is totally up to you!

Gift For Each Other

A lot of couples like to exchange gifts on the wedding day and the amount you spend is totally up to you.  Some couples opt for an inexpensive little happy while others spend a lot more on a gift for their soon to be husband or wife.  I would suggest discussing this with one another before the wedding day so you are both on the same page.  A sweet handwritten note is always a nice gesture and may be all you need from each other on your wedding day.

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