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What Items is the Planner Responsible For on the Wedding Day

Wedding Planner Education

With full service wedding planning and wedding day management I offer to get the bride’s personal items for the wedding that we will be setting up.  These personal items include the guest book, pens, wedding programs, toasting glasses, cake knife and servers, napkins, favors, cake topper, the bridal portrait, sparklers or whatever they are using for the exit, etc.  I will usually pick these items up from the bride at our final meeting before the wedding which usually takes place at the ceremony venue.  We are not responsible for setting up centerpieces and large decor items unless we are hired as the florist as well.  As the florist we would be responsible for setting up all of the flowers, decor and candles.  

At the end of the reception we will pack up all of the bride’s personal items and will load them into the appropriate vehicle (which is usually a parent).  For my full service wedding planning client’s I do offer an additional service; if desired, where I would keep all of her personal items after the reception and would get them back to a parent the following week or to her once she returned from her honeymoon. 

In addition to packing up the bride’s personal items we will also load any cards and gifts they receive at the wedding, the top layer of the wedding cake and any leftover cake, the bride’s bouquet and anything else they are taking with them into the appropriate vehicle.  The only thing I won’t personally keep until the following week is any perishable items like the bridal bouquet, the top layer of the cake and any leftover food they are keeping. 

The bride is responsible for getting all of her wearable items to the ceremony venue.  These items include her dress, shoes, jewelry, garters and accessories.  

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