How I Planned my 2020 Goals with Powersheets

We are now 6 days into the new year and it’s my first full week back in the office.  I spent most of  last week working on my goals for 2020 and taking a look back at what worked last year and what didn’t work.  I think it’s so important to reflect back on the previous year and Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters help me do just that.

How I Planned my 2020 Goals with Powersheets

I have been using Powersheets since 2017 to set both business and personal goals and they have helped me cultivate some really good habits, achieve some big goals and they hold me accountable, which is a big plus.  Powersheets help you look at the big picture.  The first twenty pages or so are dedicated to the pre-work.  The pre-work is where you get to dream a little bit…figure out what fires you up and what will matter to you when you’re 80.  The pre-work helps you really get clear on what your goals should be for the year ahead.

I love that Powersheets have you select your word of the year.  As the prep page for your word of the year states inside of the Powersheets: “Having a word of the year is like having good, organic fertilizer at your fingertips, giving you a boost of nutrients when you need it most.”  Your word should summarize how you want to live out 2020.  My word of the year came to me quickly after doing the pre-work and my word for this year is Courage.  This word resonates with both my business and personal goals for this year.  I have some really big business goals that will require a lot of courage and a big personal goal that will require even more courage; so it was only fitting that courage was my word this year.

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Tending lists are the holy grail inside of the Powersheets and are where you write out your monthly, weekly and daily goals and action items. The daily action items that I write down each month are habits I am wanting to form.  Some months I will carry these daily action items over to the next month; unless I feel like this daily goal has now become a habit, then I will choose a different action item.  You have the space for five daily action items inside the power sheets.

My daily action items for January are:

  • Yoga
  • Eat clean
  • Meditate
  • Up by 5:00 a.m.
  • Read

Several of my daily action items from my 2019 Powersheets are now habits that I cultivated after repeating them daily so I no longer need to write them down as a daily reminder.

My weekly action items for January are:

  • Send Planners Hub newsletter
  • Share Education blog post
  • Go live on Facebook
  • Meal Plan

Then I have some monthly action items that I’m not quite ready to share with the world since some of them are very personal and not business related.

If you are not familiar with Powersheets I highly suggest you check them out!  You will LOVE them and they will really help you cultivate your 2020 goals for your planning business and your life.  They make a great gift too! I gifted them last year to someone special and they loved them and are using them again this year.  The only thing I don’t love about them is their bright colors and patterns.  I am a neutral loving girl at heart, but I can look past that since the content inside far outweighs the wild colors and patterns.




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