SEO for Wedding Planners

SEO For wedding planners

I get it. You don’t have time to blog and don’t see how it could benefit your planning business.  You already have enough on your plate and you can’t imagine adding one more thing.

If you are not blogging you are missing out on a lot of couples finding you online.

According to professionals like the ones at https://posirank.com/blog/seo-reseller-white-label-seo/, blogging is an awesome and easy way to speak directly to your audience and to boost your SEO (search engine optimization), while showcasing your expertise. People can also check this site out for the best SEO services.

Although there are services like SERPninja that help sites, that is not enough.  Content matters. I used to hate blogging and never knew what to blog about…that was until I got a game plan.

I came up with 3-4 categories and I would blog about those 3-4 categories over and over making it super easy to know what to blog about next.

Think about frequently-asked-questions you receive about your services or how you plan weddings. What tips could you share with potential clients, what vendors could you share with them?

Also, be sure you are sharing your blog posts with local citations in seo on Pinterest to boost your traffic. You would be surprised at how many couples actually find us on Pinterest!

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Here are some category ideas you could blog about that I personally use:

  • Real Weddings – the most obvious and easiest thing to blog about. When you get photos back from a wedding share them on your blog! Share and link to all of the vendors that were involved with the wedding and share a little bit about the wedding. You can even ask the couple to share with you their take on the wedding if you want to share from their point of view.
  • Vendor Highlights – Highlight a different vendor or venue in your area or the area you serve. You can do this q & a style where you submit questions to them to answer for you or you can just share information and photos about the venue or vendor. You could even do a q & a style video with them if you are into video.
  • Share Wedding Advice & Tips – The options are endless when it comes to tips, wedding advice, and inspiration you could share with couples planning a wedding. Some examples of posts i’ve shared under this category are: “5 Things Brides Don’t Think About for Their Wedding Day,” “What Should you Do With your Flowers at the End of Your Reception,” “How Much Alcohol do you Need for Your Wedding,” etc. You could share bouquet inspiration, etiquette tips, color palette inspiration, cakes you love, etc.
  • Personal– This is not something I’m as good about sharing on my blog, but sharing personal blog posts are a great way for couples to get to know you. If you have children you could share things about your children, tips for other Moms, you could share photos from vacations, date night photos and where you went, etc.

I try to blog every week, but you don’t have to blog every single week. You may want to only commit to blogging once per month at first, or every other week until you get the hang of it. However, the more you blog the more Google ranks you as the authority on specific topics which in turn boosts your SEO.


SEO for wedding planners

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