The Best Software for Wedding Planners

Best System for Wedding Planners

I have been on a mission this past year to help new and aspiring wedding planners in their planning business.  I want you to get the backend of your business set up the right way from the start so you don’t have to spend all your time working.  You have a life and you have to remember that once you start a business.  When you’re a new business owner it can be very hard to step away and actually take time off because you feel like your business is your baby and you love to work all the time.  However, take it from someone who has been there.  A great software can change the game for you and can allow you to actually take time off.

I have found the best software for wedding planners and that’s Aisle Planner!  Aisle Planner has been a game-changer for me in my business and for my personal life.

Aisle Planner is that all-in-one system that you’ve been looking for.  In the past I had to use one software to send out contracts and proposals and another to actually plan weddings, but now I can use Aisle Planner for all the things.

With Aisle Planner I can send proposals, invoices, contracts, collect payments, keep track of every single wedding detail and use it to plan weddings.

Aisle Planner’s pro tools offer a back office solution for planners to manage every aspect of  their business, from the moment a lead reaches out to you and straight through to the booking and planning process.

Aisle Planner Pro Tools include:

  • Lead Management
  • Digital Brochures, Proposals and Contracts
  • Quotes and Invoicing
  • Receive Online Payments
  • Create Templates
  • Master Contact Library for Vendors
  • Track Status of Every Wedding
  • Detail and Manage Every Task in Custom Checklists
  • Build Timelines
  • Track Budget Expenses
  • Maintain Vendor Information and Files
  • Catalog Notes from Every Meeting and Call
  • Set Automated Follow-up and Deadline Reminders
  • Draft Layouts and Floor Plans
  • Create Style Guides and Mood Boards with the Design Studio
  • Build and Set Color Palettes
  • Create Wedding Websites
  • Guest List and Manager and Seating Tools
  • Online RSVP
  • Reminders and Notifications

Not only does Aisle Planner help with all of the above, it’s also a beautiful software which is a huge plus for planners.  If we’re going to be inside a software daily it needs to be pretty, am I right?!

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My favorite feature of Aisle Planner and the most used feature on the regular is the checklist.  The checklist is fully customizable and can be tailored to fit each specific client and wedding.  I love being able to assign clients, mothers of the bride, grooms, parents of the groom, etc. tasks month by month. That way they are not overwhelmed with a full list of tasks all at once.   You do have the option of letting clients see the full checklist or only items they are assigned to.  The options are endless and completely customizable with Aisle Planner.

Ready to streamline your planning business with Aisle Planner?

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Best Software for Wedding Planners

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