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5 Must Have Processes You Need as a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Education

Processes Every Planner Needs

Having processes set up in your wedding planning business is so important for the future of your business.   Having processes ensures no step is overlooked and processes save you SO much time.  Before I created processes for everything I do in my planning business I would often forget little steps that needed to be done.  This is not okay when you’ve got so many weddings to plan at once.

Processes help ensure that you can take on multiple weddings.  Without them you are sure to forget important steps.  If you want to be considered a professional you have to act like one.  And professionals have their business set up the right way so that it works for them.  You don’t want to spend every waking hour working in your business so get your processes written out and start using them.  Even if you have done the task a million times you should be looking at the process for that particular task just to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Here are 5 Processes You Need as a Wedding Planner

  1. Inquiry/Consultation Process – How do clients schedule a consultation with you?  Do you send them a questionnaire to complete before the consultation? Where do you meet at?  What do you take to the consultation? What do you discuss in the meeting?
  2. On-boarding Process – How do you onboard a client? What all needs to be done to get them officially booked?  {Click here to download our free on-boarding process for Full Service Planning Clients.}
  3. Full Service Wedding Planning Process – What do you do each step of the way?  This should be a very long process.  It can be broken down into smaller categories, by vendors, or by phases, which is how I plan weddings.  {Click here to purchase our Full Service Wedding Planning Process Template.}
  4. Wedding Management Process (or whatever you call your day-of/month-of package and a process for any other planning packages you have) – What do you do each step of the way for your Wedding Management clients.
  5. Vendor Booking Processes – In addition to my Full Service Wedding Planning process I have smaller processes inside for booking each type of vendor.  {Click here to purchase our Vendor Booking Process Templates + Questions to Ask Each Vendor}


These are the top 5 processes that you need to get set up right away.  There will be many more processes you will want to create, but having these five in place will help set you up for success from the start.

xo, Terrica


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