12 Tips for Directing a Wedding Rehearsal

In this post I want to share with you 12 valuable tips for directing a wedding rehearsal that will ensure a successful rehearsal.  These tips are invaluable for new and aspiring wedding planners.

Wedding Rehearsal Directing

  • Always arrive at least 30 minutes before the rehearsal begins, or as early as the musicians need to arrive.
  • If there will be a scripture reader they will need to arrive at rehearsal early to practice their reading before the actual rehearsal begins.
  • If there will be a unity candle service make sure the lighter and the unity candle are set up before rehearsal so participants can practice their role.
  • If there will be any solo’s or duet’s the vocalists will need to arrive early to practice before the rehearsal begins.
  • Have the order of ceremony planned out before the rehearsal day and know who is escorting who and where the family members will be sitting. Check out another freebie that will aid you in planning the order of ceremony here.
  • Instruct the flower girl on her duty – how to toss the petals or how to hold her nosegay, basket of flowers, etc.
  • Get all vendor payments that are to be paid on the wedding day from the bride or her parents at rehearsal so you are not having to ask them for payments on the wedding day.
  • Introduce the ushers to the people they will be escorting.
  • Allow a minimum of one full hour for rehearsal. If everyone arrives on time a full hour should be plenty of time for the rehearsal.

  • It’s important to start the rehearsal on time. If some of the wedding party members are late use the time to rehearse small units of the rehearsal such as: showing the unity candle procedure, showing the grandparents and parents how to enter, where they will sit at and introducing them to their escort; rehearse the children in their roles, even if you need to have their parents walk along with them. Show the soloist where to be seated, etc.
  • Children may walk singly or in pairs, depending on their ability to handle their roles. Rehearse them separately. Do not force a child. Inform the parents that if the child refuses to cooperate, you will proceed without them or let them walk with the parent.
  • It’s always a great idea for young children to take a seat with a parent or family member after walking down the aisle rather than standing up during the ceremony.  But this is ultimately up to the couple.

To learn more about rehearsal directing download our Free Guide “How to Direct a Wedding Rehearsal + Ceremony Diagram” HERE!

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