How to Book Clients as a New Wedding Planner

As a new wedding planner I know it can be hard to book clients in the beginning. It takes time to build up your credibility and business, but it doesn’t have to take years.

How to Book Clients as a New Wedding Planner

Get a website with a blog

Having a website with a blog makes you look more legit and blogging can help establish you as the expert if you do it right.

You should be blogging weekly (at least) and sharing wedding planning tips, advice and inspiration. Then once you start booking weddings you definitely need to share your real weddings on your blog.

Blogging can establish you as the expert on wedding planning if you are sharing advice and tips on wedding planning on a regular basis. Blogging will also help you get found online.

The more you blog the more it will boost your SEO.

Plan a Styled Shoot

If you haven’t planned any weddings yet and don’t have any images to share on your website you need to put together a styled shoot. A styled shoot can give you lots and lots of different images to use. The more styled shoots you do the more you can showcase your talents and the more images you will have to share on social media, your blog and your website.

Share on Social Media

In addition to blogging weekly you need to be sharing on Instagram and Facebook. You need images to share on there so go plan some styled shoots if you don’t have any weddings coming up.

Schedule a Brand Shoot

You also need to have a brand shoot so you’ll have images of yourself to share on social media and your website.

Offer To Plan Weddings for Friends and Family Members

If you have any friends or family members getting married offer to plan their wedding at a discount, or maybe even for free if you’re brand new and are really wanting to get some weddings under your belt. I don’t love the idea of you planning a wedding for free or for really cheap, but I’ll admit in the beginning I planned a few for free or very little and did what I had to do to build my reputation. I don’t usually recommend this, but if you’re having a hard time getting bookings this is definitely something to try.

I hope these tips help you book your first few clients as a new planner.

xo, Terrica


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