Questionnaires Every Planner Needs to be Using

Questionnaires will save you so much time and will make your life much easier. No more emailing your couples to ask question after question. In this article I’m sharing questionnaires every planner needs to be using.

I’ve created several different questionnaires that I send to couples to complete at different times during the planning process.

Questionnaires for Wedding Planners

I send these questionnaires through Aisle Planner which keeps everything organized and streamlined under each client. Today I wanted to share with you the names of the questionnaires that I use and what they are for.

You will see links to a few of our questionnaires below that you can download for free as well as links to questionnaires available for purchase in our shop.

9 Questionnaire Ideas

Bride and Groom Questionnaire

I send the Bride and Groom Questionnaire once someone schedules a consultation with us. They must complete this questionnaire before their consultation.

You can download this free questionnaire  HERE.

Client Budget and Vendor Questionnaire

When a client books us for full service wedding planning I send them the Client Budget and Vendor Questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire asks all the questions I need answers to in order to set up their estimated budget. It also lets me know what vendors they have in mind; if any.  You can shop our Client Budget & Vendor Questionnaire HERE.

Timeline Planning Questionnaire

This questionnaire is sent to couples who book us for Wedding Management. It’s a lengthy questionnaire that asks all the questions we will need answers to in order to prepare the wedding weekend timeline.  You can shop our Timeline Planning Questionnaire HERE.

Wedding Party Questionnaire

The Wedding Party Questionnaire is sent to full service planning clients. We will need the wedding party’s names and phone numbers in order to stay in touch with them about things throughout the planning process.

Processional Questionnaire

The Processional Questionnaire is for full service planning clients. This questionnaire asks things like who’s escorting who, the order the bridesmaids and groomsmen will enter, etc. Which aids me in preparing the order of ceremony that is used for directing purposes.

You can download our free processional questionnaire HERE.

Program Information Questionnaire

The Program Information Questionnaire is sent to full service planning clients if they are having wedding programs. Once they complete this questionnaire I can type up their wedding program in the correct order before sharing it with the stationer.

Engagement Announcement Questionnaire

If a full service client wants their engagement announcement in their local newspaper I will send the Engagement Announcement Questionnaire. Once they complete this questionnaire I will type up their engagement announcement to submit to the newspaper.

Ceremony Songs Questionnaire

This questionnaire is sent to full service planning clients to complete when we are not meeting with their ceremony musician. Some musicians offer face to face meetings to select the ceremony songs while others just request that we send them the song selections directly.

Design Questionnaire

This questionnaire is sent to full service planning clients to complete after we have finished phase 1 of our planning process.

You can shop our Design Questionnaire HERE.

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