Tips for a Great Site Visit

Venue site visits are something us planners are always doing.  Today I’m sharing some tips for a great site visit to help ensure you have a great outcome.  Perhaps most of the venues you tour with your clients are venues you’re already familiar with.  In that case you may not need to do all of the things I share in this post, but when you’re touring a new venue or a venue that’s new to you, this will come in handy.


Tips for a Great Site Visit

Tips for a Great Site Visit


Schedule in Advance

You always want to schedule an appointment with the venue for a site visit.  You never want to just show up unannounced.  Most venues have a venue coordinator or point of contact that handles weddings and events.  I always schedule a site visit at least a week in advance when at all possible.


Be Prepared

Have a list of questions ready to go that way you are not having to think of questions to ask during the site visit.  You can purchase our Vendor Booking Processes + Questions to ask each Vendor Template HERE.

Take a notebook and a pen or an Ipad or laptop.  Whichever way you prefer to note take!  I always take my couple’s wedding binder along with the list of questions I want to ask the venue and a pen.


Take a Measuring Wheel

I purchased a measuring wheel last year and it has been one of my favorite purchases.  If the venue doesn’t have a floor plan with measurements available for you it’s up to you as the planner to measure as needed.  You will need the measurements before you can create a floor plan for your client.

You don’t want to have to ask your client to hold one side of a measuring tape while you measure!  Purchase a measuring wheel and thank me later! 🙂


Make Sure the Client Checks out the Chairs Included

A lot of venues do include chairs in the venue rental, but sometimes the chairs included are not that great.  Make sure you point them out to your clients so you can get their feedback on the chair.  Most newer venues that are specifically for weddings and events are going to have great “wedding” chairs.  However, country clubs and other venues that are not wedding and event specific may not have the best looking chair for a wedding.


Take Pictures

Make sure you take photos of the venue if you are visiting a new venue or a venue that’s new to you.  You will want the pictures to refer back to when you’re planning the floor plan and wedding design.




Tips for a Great Site Visit

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