5 Things We do for Full Service Planning Clients

We do so much for our full service wedding planning clients.  There’s not too much we won’t do for our clients within reason.  As long as it’s ethical we will usually do it.  And thankfully, we’ve never been asked to do anything crazy anyway! 


When you are working with your ideal clients you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.  


Today I want to share with you five things we offer to do for our full service wedding planning clients.  Some of our full service clients don’t need our help with all of these tasks, but we do handle these a lot of the time.  


Full Service Planning Clients


5 Things We Do for Full Service Wedding Planning Clients


  • Stuff, stamp. seal and mail their save the dates and wedding invitations.  I always purchase the stamps as well and have the client refund me once I purchase them.  This is just easier for me.  I can get the stamps immediately upon visiting the post office when I go to have the invitation weighed for postage.
  • Offer to pick up breakfast and /or lunch for the wedding party if they don’t have anyone providing and handling this for them.
  • This next one is not something that will be smart or ideal for every planner, but we do offer to take their personal wedding items back with us at the end of the reception if they don’t want to wait around for us to load these things.Things like their toasting glasses, cake knives and servers, guest book and pen, any leftover napkins, favors, post-wedding toss it’s, etc.I do not ever take gifts they receive, leftover food and cake, nor the anniversary tier of the wedding cake, flowers, the bridal bouquet, etc.  I make sure we send any of these perishable items home with a parent or someone they’ve appointed to take these things.
  • Pick up the gifts they’ve bought for their wedding party and deliver them to their rehearsal dinner venue if they are passing them out at rehearsal dinner,  to the getting ready location on the wedding day, or wherever they need them at.
  • Assist with purchasing items for their welcome gifts as well as assembling and delivering them to hotels.


xo, Terrica


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