Consultation Process for Wedding Planners

I’ve had many of you asking me about how I go about conducting a consultation so today I’m sharing our consultation process for wedding planners.

When a potential client fills out the inquiry form our my website they are automatically sent our services brochure that includes pricing.  Once they respond back, after they have viewed our packages with pricing, we schedule their complimentary consultation.


Once the consultation is scheduled I send them a questionnaire to complete that asks some basic information like: name, phone number, email, mailing address, guest count, venue they are interested in, size of wedding party, budget, their reason for wanting to hire a planner, which package they are most interested in, etc.   

At the consultation I have a copy of the completed questionnaire with me and I simply go over the questionnaire to make sure their answers are still the same.  

I also like to ask how they met and how he or she proposed, what they do for work, etc.    Then I share my planning packages in detail and ask them if they are still thinking “x” package (whichever package they selected in the questionnaire).    After I go over the packages and pricing I give them time to ask me any questions they may have that I haven’t answered.  

They will usually tell me at this point if they are ready to book or if they need to discuss it further with their parents or fiance.   

I would say 98% of the time the client already knows before the consultation that they are going to book us as their planner.   

They know our packages and pricing before they ever attend the consultation so they pretty much have their mind made up before they get there.  There have been times when the potential client will say they need to discuss the pricing and packages with their parents or fiance and in this case I always wait and let them contact me.  

Some planners will follow up with them in a few days if they haven’t heard back, but I honestly don’t do this.

Even if they tell me they are ready to book, I still don’t go into any more of their wedding at this initial consultation.   

I like to wait until I have a signed contract and a paid deposit before I go any further with them.


There’s no need to waste my time or theirs if they are not going to end up booking us.  Once the deposit is paid and the contract is signed we will move on to the next step in the process.    And that step will depend on whether or not they hire us as their Full Service Planner or just Wedding Management. 

Consultation Process for Wedding Planners

  • Schedule a complimentary consultation with potential client once they have viewed your services brochure and reached out to schedule a consultation
  • Send our pre-consultation questionnaire. Download that for free HERE!
  • Print the questionnaire and take it with you to the consultation
  • Review the questionnaire at the consultation
  • Ask the couple how they got engaged, more about them, etc.
  • Share planning packages, what’s included, pricing, etc.
  • Ask them if they are still considering x package (I find out in the questionnaire which package they are most interested in)
  • Answer any questions the couple may have
  • If they are ready to book let them know you will email them a contract and invoice

If you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to email me at info@southernproductions.net

Here to help!

xo, Terrica


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