What to Include in Your Wedding Planning Contract

For you new and aspiring wedding planners one very important thing you’ll need to create in the beginning of your business is your wedding planning contract. I’m sure you will unsure of what to include in your wedding planning contract.

This is new venture for you, you’re not supposed to know what all to include. Relax, I’ve got you covered!

Wedding Planning Contract

I would suggest hiring a local attorney in your area to draft your contract for you. If that’s not the route you want to go you can have an attorney look over your contract (for a fee of course) to make sure it will hold up in court.

For those of you that want to create your own contract, you are in luck. Today, I’m sharing what all you need to include in your Full Service Wedding Planning Contract.

What to Include in Your Full Service Planning Contract  

  • Your role as the planner: what all services you’ll provide and what’s included
  • Compensation for Services: your fee, deposit required and due date
  • Travel and Accommodations fees and requirements
  • Force Majeure and Unforeseen Circumstances clause
  • Date change Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Display Rights clause
  • Professional Images clause
  • Your Communication Policy

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