Final Vendor Checklist – The Caterer

To ensure nothing slips through the cracks it’s so important to have a final vendor checklist to go through the month before the wedding. Today, I’m sharing our “final vendor checklist – the caterer.”

I have my final vendor checklist broken down into each vendor category.

I list out everything I need to know for each vendor to ensure a successful event.  Here’s an example of a final vendor checklist.

Final Vendor Checklist – The Caterer

___ Confirm final guest count

___ Confirm final count on vendor meals

___ Confirm if buffet is double-sided or one-sided

___ For family style, are salads pre-plated or also family style?

___ Find out what time they’ll arrive for set up

___ Banquet lead name and number

___ Review catering menu

___ Type of napkin fold for seated dinners

___ For seated dinner confirm number of dining tables and number of chairs per table

___ For seated dinner let them know where the head table will be so they can be served first

___ Confirm they are cutting both cakes

___ Confirm they are providing napkins, plates, cups, utensils for the food and cakes

___ Confirm they are providing ice for the bar

___ Does venue have ice machine

___ Confirm they are providing disposable containers for the couples meal to go

___ Confirm they are providing disposable containers for leftover food or can they keep 

      leftovers or does client need to provide

___ If the couple is eating together in a private room before being announced will caterer fix 

     plate or do we need to do so

___ Review the venue clean up list and ensure catering is contracted to cover all guidelines

___ Confirm they are bringing trash cans if the venue does not provide

___ Balance and due date

___ Send schedule

___ Send floor plan

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