Wedding Planners Role at Receptions Part 2

Today I’m sharing the wedding planners role at receptions part 2. Specifically, part 2 of seated dinner receptions.

If you missed part 1 you can find that HERE.

Wedding Planners Role at Reception

Wedding Planners Role at the Reception Part 2
Seated Dinner Receptions

  • Before it’s time for the bouquet toss pull the bouquet out of water so the stems are not wet and make sure you have it when it’s time for the toss.
  • About 15 minutes before the garter toss if the bride doesn’t have her garters on pull her to a side room or the restroom and place them on her leg.
  • The time for the bouquet/garter toss will be listed on the timeline, but if you see a lot of guests are starting to leave this can always be moved up to accommodate.  You can let the DJ/Band know that you want them to automatically announce the toss at the time desired on the timeline, or you can tell them you will come to them when it’s time for them to announce it.
  • After the bouquet toss the bride will get a photo with the girl that catches the bouquet then it’s time for the garter toss.  Get a chair for the bride to sit in and place it on the dance floor. 
  • The exit time will be on the timeline as well, but if you see a lot of guests are leaving early you can ask the bride if she wants to move it up for picture purposes.  It may consist of sparklers, confetti, bubbles or petals.  
  • Before it’s time for the exit make sure the exit car that the couple will get into is ready and parked in the right spot for the exit.  Then get the exit item’s near where everyone will exit at. If it’s sparklers you will make sure everyone gets matches or lighters as well as a sparkler.
  • ALSO: If they are using sparklers have a bucket of water or sand or something ready so you can place it in the center of the crowd after the exit so they can place the hot sparklers into.
  • Line the guests up on each side in a straight line so that it looks best for the photo.  If sparklers are to be used they should have them displayed so guests can just grab them or you and another person can stand on each side and hand them to guests as they come out.
  • At the end of the exit you can clean up any sparklers that were thrown onto the ground or whatever was used.
  • The caterer will pack the couple a to go meal so just make sure that meal is placed in the exit car before the couple actually leaves and any of their belongings.
  • At the end of the reception you will load any gifts brought to the reception in the appropriate family members car.  I will find out who this will be beforehand
  • If the wedding cake is gone or if the caterer is done serving the cake make sure they get the cake servers from both cake tables to wash and the toasting glasses as well as the cake stands/plateaus.
  • Some cake plateaus will have to be sent with the family as well unless the caterer on site provided them.  I will let you know this ahead of time
  • Also, you will pack the bride’s personal items and send with a family member that will be determined ahead of time. 
    Cake serving sets,  (the caterer should have the cake serving sets and toasting glasses washed), guest book and pen, leftover exit items, left overfavors, bridal portrait, and any other items like this.  Whomever she gets to decorate should tear down the chairs, linens, tables, centerpieces, etc. 

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