3 Ways to Reuse Bridesmaid Bouquets

We love reusing the bridesmaid bouquets at the reception when we need to cut back a little on the floral budget. And we try to use them somewhere even if the couple has a good floral budget, if there’s a spot for them. Today, I’m sharing 3 ways to reuse bridesmaid bouquets at the reception.

3 ways to reuse bridesmaid bouquets

3 Ways to Reuse Bridesmaid Bouquets

The two most popular ways we reuse the bridesmaid bouquets is by using them as the centerpiece on cocktail/pub/bistro tables. We’ll have a vase of water on the tables (when we’re the florist, or the florist will provide these) and when the wedding party arrives I’ll grab them from them and walk around placing them in the vases of water. 

We’ve had a couple of couples use them as a guest table centerpiece on their larger guest seating tables. When we do this, I suggest using candle stands or glass cylinders with pillar or floating candles since the bouquet may not be large enough for a centerpiece on its own.

If we are not using the bouquets as centerpieces, we love to place them around the wedding cake plateau if the couple wishes to use them here. 

One more way to save a little is to use one of the bridesmaids bouquets as the toss bouquet. In my opinion there’s no need to pay for another bouquet just to toss when you have several bridesmaid bouquets on hand. Most bridesmaids leave them laying on the table at the end of the reception so most of them don’t mind you using theirs. 


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