Wedding Transportation Tip for Planners and Brides

Sharing a wedding transportation tip for planners and brides.

Most of our couples do provide transportation for the wedding party to at least get from the ceremony to the reception venue. It’s not a must, but it does make it easier on the wedding party and ensures everyone arrives together; if thats important.

It’s not always a must for the wedding party to arrive together unless the wedding party is being announced at the reception. It’s still easier, and way more fun, for the couple to arrive at the reception with their wedding party.

If the couple is providing transportation for the wedding party, whether it be a shuttle, trolley, limos, vans or buses, we always have them arrive at the ceremony venue an hour before the ceremony begins.

You may be thinking, why so early? Well, we ALWAYS stop pre-ceremony photos one hour before the ceremony begins. We don’t want any of the guests seeing the bride before the ceremony. There are guests that will start arriving an hour before, so it’s always a must for us to have the wedding party and family tucked away an hour before.

This is the best time for transportation to arrive (if they’re not already there from bringing the wedding party to the ceremony) that way the wedding party can place any belongings on the transportation at this time. If the couple is doing a first look and taking all photos prior to the ceremony, which most do these days, the wedding party can head straight to the transportation provided as soon as the ceremony ends.

Ideally, we love for the couple and wedding party to arrive at the reception before the guests so the couple can take in the reception space and see everything before guests arrive. So, having the wedding party board the transportation as soon as they exit the recessional is key.




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