The #1 Tool to Streamline my Planning Business

One of the things I really struggled with at the beginning of my business and I feel like is a common issue for wedding planners in their early stages is finding a consistent way to onboard my clients when they book me.

I needed an easy and organized way to accept payments and contracts, to organize my calendar, to keep track of my bookkeeping and who owed me what at what time.

There’s so many things to keep track of and I needed a way to streamline my planning business.

That’s why I use Aisle Planner to onboard my clients when they book me and I absolutely LOVE it – it has become my favorite #1 tool to streamline my planning business.

Not only do I have the exact same onboarding workflow for how I put every client into my system, accept their payment, their contracts, and keep everything organized on the back end but it also keeps things really organized and consistent for my clients on the front end!

Everybody has the same experience and everybody LOVES their experience.

Today I thought I’d take you step by step in our Aisle Planner onboarding workflow to show you just how streamlined and EASY it is! 

1. When I log in, I can see all of my projects in one place (which is amazing!) and where each client is in each step of the planning process. 

2. When a client decides they want to move forward and book me, I simply go to their contact in Aisle Planner that they added when they filled out our lead contact form on my website.  I use use the Aisle Planner contact form on my website for every inquiry, which makes it super easy to create a new project in Aisle Planner. 

3. I now need to send them a contract and an invoice. I can customize their entire package, setting up recurring payments, allowing them to pay with a credit card or a bank, and more. They’ll get an email from me and I’ll get notified of their progress.

4. When they have paid their deposit and signed their contract, I will click on add project and set up their profile in Aisle Planner. 

5. Once I’ve created the project, I can begin setting up the actual workspace by setting up their budget, editing their checklist, adding vendors they’ve booked and adding their notes templates.  I can also add more participants to the project like a parent who is paying or other vendors who can have access to our files.

And one of the best parts of Aisle Planner is that they’re based on templates! So when you first log into Aisle Planner you can set up all of the templates that you’ll need moving forward. It saves a TON of time!

I love that I can now have all of my client’s information and communication in one place, my clients are happy with their side of things, and there are even more tools that I can use for the back-end of it all. Aisle Planner is truly THE #1 tool you need to streamline your wedding planning business!

If you want to try Aisle Planner, you can get 25% off of your first three months by clicking here – I can’t wait to hear what you think!!


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