Mistakes to Avoid As a Wedding Planner

After planning weddings for the past thirteen years, I’ve finally perfected my process but I’m definitely not perfect. I’ve made mistakes, but I always strive to not make the same mistake twice. Today, I’m sharing mistakes to avoid as a wedding planner. These are mistakes I’ve made myself over the years.

After every wedding I like to think about and write down what went well and what didn’t go well. For the things that didn’t go well I make sure we change that from that point forward. Or, maybe it’s something we need to do differently the next time. Or, maybe something that happened that shouldn’t have happened.

Mistakes To Avoid As A Wedding Planner

3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Wedding Planner

  1. If you are having an outdoor ceremony and you are using vans or golf carts or some type of transportation to shuttle the wedding party, family and couple to the ceremony site make sure that van, golf cart, etc. moves out of the way once they drop the wedding party off. You don’t want them sitting at the back of the aisle and being seen in every photo. We had a beautiful outdoor ceremony where we used vans to get the wedding party to the ceremony location. Well, the driver stayed parked at the back of the aisle during the ceremony and the vans were seen in all the photos of them walking down the aisle. Lesson learned!!
  2. If your couple is having their ceremony and reception at the same venue, you’ll have those reception vendors there during the ceremony. Make sure to remind everyone to turn their phones and watches on silent during the ceremony!
  3. Always remind the caterer to pack a meal to go for the couple to take with them. Most couples are starving by the time their reception ends and will appreciate having a meal when they get to their honeymoon suite. You don’t want to wait until the end of the reception and find out that the caterer forgot to pack the meal and now all the food is gone. It’s best to remind them at the beginning to avoid that happening.

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