3 Tips for Wedding Planners

Today, I’m sharing 3 tips for wedding planners. Things that will make your life easier as a planner once these things become second nature to you when you’re planning a wedding timeline, planning the wedding or on the wedding day.  Things I’ve learned the hard way through trial and error over the past 13, almost […]

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Tips for Ceremony Personals for Planners

Today, I’m sharing tips for ceremony personals for planners…the couples personal items at the wedding ceremony. Make sure you have a plan in place about who will gather the couples personal items once the ceremony ends.  A lot of couples want their guest book and pen moved to the reception. I always have the director […]

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Venue Comparison Spreadsheet

Having a way to track venues your couples are interested in is a great way to easily compare venues. Our venue comparison spreadsheet makes it super easy to add the information for each venue you or your couples visit. When you’re looking at venue brochures and contracts it can get a little overwhelming. It’s hard […]

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A Meridian, MS Fall Home Wedding

It’s important to have a way to keep an inventory system of all of your couples decor items for their big day. From personal items they purchase, to table linens, floral centerpieces and more. Keeping track of quantities, where it should be placed and who is providing it is essential. That’s why I’ve created a […]

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