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Why Wedding Planners Should Share Pricing Before Consultations

A lot of new planners think they shouldn’t share their planning packages WITH pricing with potential clients until they meet with them face to face for a consultation, but this could actually be a huge waste of time.     For years we were told not to share our pricing on our website or with anyone […]

How Many Packages Should You Offer as a Wedding Planner

A lot of new planners think they have to offer at least three different levels of planning packages or they will miss out on some clients.  And I know why you do this…You see all these other planners offering three different levels of planning packages which means you have to as well.   I thought […]

Most newer wedding planners think they can’t have a life outside of wedding planning if they want to create a successful business, but that can actually hurt you in the long run.     And I know that wedding planning is very time consuming and you feel like you have to do all the things and […]

SO many aspiring wedding planners think there is too much competition out there so they may as well give up on their dream of becoming a wedding planner.    That’s because you keep hearing over and over that you should just stick to your degree if you want a guaranteed paycheck and to play it […]