3 Tips for Wedding Planners

Today, I’m sharing 3 tips for wedding planners. Things that will make your life easier as a planner once these things become second nature to you when you’re planning a wedding timeline, planning the wedding or on the wedding day. 

3 Tips for Wedding Planners

Things I’ve learned the hard way through trial and error over the past 13, almost 14 years. 🙂

3 Tips for Wedding Planners

  • Make sure the wedding party and bride is completely done with makeup BEFORE the photographer takes photos of them in their pj’s or robes.
  • Make sure you place the bridal bouquet in water during the reception. Most brides like to preserve their bouquets nowadays, so gone are the days of laying the bridal bouquet on the cake table. Make sure the florist provides a vase for the bouquet to go in. Whether you put the vase with the bouquet on the cake table, entry table or not displayed at all…it needs to be in water after the ceremony.
  • Make sure your couples know that the parents of the wedding party should be invited to the wedding. And of course their significant other, but a lot of couples forget about the wedding party’s parents if they are not close with the family or if they don’t really know them. They still should be invited.

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