Tips for Ceremony Personals for Planners

Today, I’m sharing tips for ceremony personals for planners…the couples personal items at the wedding ceremony. Make sure you have a plan in place about who will gather the couples personal items once the ceremony ends. 

A lot of couples want their guest book and pen moved to the reception.

Tips for Ceremony Personals for Planners

I always have the director (I have a director and myself on my team plus assistants as needed) grab the guest book, pen and any leftover programs and any small signage on the registry table before she leaves for the reception. 

These items can be gathered while the ceremony is taking place.

If there are other items at the ceremony venue that will need to be gathered, I will send an assistant or myself to gather those items while the director heads to the reception with the couple. 

That way she can be there when they arrive to show them where to go and to instruct the wedding party on where they need to go. 

Sometimes, there may be a unity candle, communion or something else that needs to be gathered from the “altar” area. 

We always have the wedding party gather all their belongings an hour before the ceremony begins and place them in their vehicles or onto the shuttle if one is being provided. 

That’s why we have any transportation arrive an hour before the ceremony begins so they can place their personals on there. We don’t want the wedding party going back to the rooms they dress in to gather their belongings after the ceremony.

Our goal is to always get them there before the guests arrive; when possible. That way the couple can get in before the guests arrive, take a peak at the space and get hidden away. 

I am also a wedding florist as well, so when we’re doing the flowers I always go to the ceremony venue once the ceremony begins and grab the guest book and pen at this time. We usually move the registry arrangement and any wreaths or door florals to the reception venue. Once the ceremony begins we can easily grab these items (at most venues) without the guests ever noticing.

That makes it easy for us to grab the guest book and pen and get it to the reception venue before the guests arrive. 

Stay tuned for more tips and mistakes to avoid as a planner!


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